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Siemens launches IT and contest for Vietnamese engineers and students

Poster introducing four rounds of the “Best Applications of SIMATIC IOT2050” contest launched by Siemens. — Photo courtesy of Siemens

HÀ NỘI — Siemens has officially launched a contest titled “Best Applications of SIMATIC IOT2050” with an aim to provide an opportunity for automation engineers and students in Việt Nam to demonstrate their talent, use their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in order to come up with innovative ideas and solutions for the automation industry.

SIMATIC IOT2050 is designed for industrial IT solutions for the acquisition, processing and transfer of data directly in the production environment. It can be used for connecting the production process to a cloud-based analysis of machine and production data. The gateway can also be retrofitted in already existing plants, where it then harmonises communication between different data sources, analyses the data, and passes it on for evaluation to a local or cloud-based system.

SIMATIC IOT2050 is typically used for preventive machine maintenance and linking production to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level in order to minimise expensive production downtimes.

By joining the “Best Application for SIMATIC IOT2050” competition that takes place from 30 August to 11 November 2021, candidates will be offered a great chance to keep abreast of the latest trends in automation and digitisation, to access Siemens state-of-the-art technology, to stay connected and expand professional network, and most importantly, to use their knowledge and skills to design and develop innovative applications. They will also have amble opportunities to receive attractive presents from Siemens Digital Industries.

This contest is open to Vietnamese engineers and students across Việt Nam who are creative and technophiles themselves. All submissions will be published on the Facebook page of Siemens Vietnam for public voting. There are four rounds and at the final round, the top ten candidates will meet the jury and present their ideas and solutions respectively. 

“Siemens Vietnam is delighted to organise this contest deliberately for automation engineers and students in Việt Nam. Apart from offering them an exciting and meaningful playground to demonstrate their talent, we would like to help nurture creative problem solvers and brilliant solution designers strongly needed by Vietnamese enterprises in their digital transformation journey," said Siemens ASEAN and Vietnam CEO Phạm Thái Lai.

"We believe giving students the opportunity to exercise their academic strengths is a great way to motivate them to pursue their passion, and to develop generations to come.”

Detailed information about the contest is available at: — VNS

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